Note that in this area has produced a pre-feasibility study , not initiated any project did not materialize anything concrete , we have no preference. Over time worked greenhouses, and there was no culture of vines , orchards, production of which , during the 80s reached an amount. allowed exportortul products in various countries of Europe
The project aims restart these branches of agriculture which have a tradition in our town , we could end with ensuring sustainable development of the village and jobs , thereby harnessing the potential of this locality .
Within the village are located 194 cellars with an approximate area of 40 sqm cellar which could be equipped and used for mushroom growing as they have the following utilities : electricity , access road. Apart culture chambers can be arranged and central locations ( in order to ensure optimum temperature required to achieve a high productions ) , cold rooms and space for social workers. Another rsursă of the locality and can be used where there are lakes within easy reach of orchards and have been used to irrigate orchards .


For efficient agriculture missing the most important elements : investment that collection centers for processing and preserving agricultural products of any kind.Might implement sustainable agricultural practices , but they require agricultural machinery and technologiesAlthough the village is mixed profile in terms of agricultural production, an important area of viticulture and viniculture are current .
Existing infrastructure ( breeding ground, cellars, technology) , specific knowledge related to the specific activity that tradition through effective local marketing of wines this activity could become one of the most important agricultural areas.
Development win-growing vine has the potential to contribute to local development but not only in marketing products and creating local specificity , and currently there are wine competitions Opportunity:
This project focuses on the idea of recognition versatile uses of soil and climate for agriculture bio and eco who have a high demand in the market and the exploitation of resources imported statement  locality namely geothermal waters .
Trends in the labor market , labor characteristicsOf all those who do not work ( 73 % of total population) the majority are either age pensioners (35 %) or disease ( 17%). Every fourth person in the village are inactive only 5.5% of unemployed register. The rest are inactive students, dependents , social assistance due to disability or other circumstances.
Regarding the employment status of the village is bleak picture , because only 27 % of the total population over 18 years of working Săcueni UAT . Analyzing the employment status of those working , mostly 11.37 % Sefra are employed in industry and construction, 15.21 % in services and 0.37 % in agriculture. Almost half of those who are employed but in private work outside the village, which means that labor export city , the percentage of commuters is important . Every tenth person of all those working are entrepreneurs , 4.4 % and 6.7% are small company with authorized individuals or family associations .Competitive advantageThese investments will provide new jobs for some of the active population employed in agriculture , will produce income / profit and will also help strengthen tourism in aerea.
The citty hall can provide logistical support and facilities to pay some taxes .
Strategy Marketing increased at the city level Săcueni were established following directions on agricultural marketing and food which includes activities situated downstream of agricultural production, such as :
1. processing activities of raw materials and food products necessary to obtain internal and external market ;
2. storage or storage of agricultural products including conditioning operations , sorting , packing, delivery , etc
3. the purchase of agricultural products through specialized units to supply the requisite land market and consumer demands
4. The organization of networks of shops in which to capitalize on some agricultural products  Marketing highlights several alternatives for solving the objectives and offers businesses a choice and spread quickly in the most appropriate solutions territory .Funding by . private investors Education At present there is just moments feasibility study or prefeasibility
The state of play  Form Partnership Hall can offer land in Public Private Partnership scheme locally. Local Public Partnership refers to cooperation between local authorities and the private sector DEPLOYMENT project

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